The Crayon Initiative

At TBI Preschool, our curriculum includes teaching our children to help others through the Jewish concept of mitzvot, performing good deeds or charitable acts.

The TBI Preschool community is currently participating in a mitzvah project, of collecting used crayons and sending them to The Crayon Initiative. This non-profit organization recycles crayons by melting them down, creating new crayons, and distributing the crayons to hospital pediatric units.

There is a collection box for used crayons across from the preschool office. Please collect used crayons from home, as we will at school, and add them to our collection box.

Teachers will be talking about this project with the children, and we encourage parents to discuss this project at home….. a way of both helping our environment and giving to children who are in the hospital. We will be collecting crayons through June, and then sending them on to the Crayon Initiative.

Click here to learn more about The Crayon Initiative.

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